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Clifton Yoga Club offers in-person, outdoors & online Yoga for all levels. Classes are located next to Clifton Down in central Bristol, near Whiteladies Road with free parking available nearby. We also have an incredible community with regular social trips & activities for all.


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Clifton Yoga Club is a community centred Yoga club offering regular morning, mid-morning, midday, evening and weekend Yoga classes for all levels. We're all about keeping it real! You don't have to be an expert, just ready to regain your strength, enjoy new movement & embrace some calm. At CYC it's about nurturing your own individual development whilst practising together with like minded people in a calm, welcoming & supportive environment.
It's nice to have your own mat & those lovely yoga leggings for your super-flexy legs.... some of us do, and a lot of us don't. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we do enjoy welcoming all the friendly people looking to move, stretch, get strong, relax & find some head space with other like-minded people at each class. CYC provides inclusive, all-abilities classes to help individuals regain the gift of flexibility, mobility, strength & balance that we were born with. CYC offers a platform to meet new people, make friends, have fun & enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. We have put individual development & social togetherness at the heart of our club.

There is plentiful parking just across the road from the studio on the Clifton Downs.

As a part of the 'Social Fitness Bristol' family of clubs, members of CYC get discounted access to Bristol HIIT Fitness classesClifton Running Club, plus free access to Clifton Cycling Club, Clifton Swimming Club & Social Heroes Adventure Club. As you can tell, the community has lots going on. For all those looking for even more beyond regular Yoga classes, there are activities happening every week, from organised walks, wild swims & bikes rides to climbing, book club & surfing. You can also expect larger events like camping weekends, ski trips, surf yoga holidays & challenges like the '3 Peaks' & 'Cycle to Paris'. All this plus plenty more.

Wishing you flexibility, strength & success in 2022.



Sessions are designed for all abilities, with plenty of parking available just over the road just moments away from the practice room.



Tuesday: 7am-7:45am

Thursday: 7am-7:45am

Friday: 7am-7:45am

45 minutes of morning vinyasa Yoga to balance and refresh the body for the day ahead. All of the classes at Clifton Yoga Club work to improve flexibility, mobility and strength through coordinating the breath and physical movement. Expect improved strength, flexibility, focus and concentration.... plus that feel-good, and slightly smug, feeling of victory over the day ahead upon leaving!


Monday - 9:30am

Tuesday - 9:30am

Wednesday - 9:30am

Thursday - 9:30am

As with all classes at CYC, this mid-morning vinyasa session is a chance for you to ease into the day a little slower whilst still getting a head start on your days exercise with a morning session. The class can develop your familiarity with being in the present moment through the use of yoga asanas (postures), as well as the increased happiness and fulfilment that this brings. Those who have tried this practice describe feeling generally more relaxed and less distracted by fleeting thoughts. Oh, yeah, they also mention getting stronger!


Monday - 12pm

Wednesday - 12pm

Friday - 12pm

This midday vinyasa class is a chance for you to make the most of your lunch break, or simply take moment to slow your day down and give a little back to yourself. As with the mid-morning session, this class can develop your familiarity with being in the present moment through the use of yoga asanas (postures), as well as the increased happiness and fulfilment that this brings. Those who have tried this Vinyasa practice describe feeling generally more relaxed and less distracted by fleeting thoughts. Prepare to feel yourself getting stronger & gradually noticing improvements in your joint mobility.

Meditation Class


Coming Soon - Book a free Postnatal Yoga taster class HERE!

Postnatal Yoga is designed for new mothers. Original sets of yoga asanas, many of which are now widely adopted, are uniquely suited to help rebuild your core-strength, your body shape and overall fitness following birth. These postures & patterns can help restore strength to the deep muscles of the pelvis & lower back. Steps to postnatal recovery can be started from 6 weeks after birth.


Monday - 6-7pm

Tuesday - 7:30-8:30pm

Thursday - 6-7pm (Beginner Yoga)

Sunday - 7:30pm (Yin Style Class)


This evening vinyasa class is an opportunity to work the day out of you, loosening any built up tensions, whilst also building new strength. Yoga brings the body and mind back into balance encouraging a state of health and well being. It also gets you strong & flexible whilst offering a chance to burn some calories & feel good!


Come along, try a free taster class & join the CYC community. Our membership set up allows for more sessions at a more affordable cost. See our membership options below & simply hit the button to book a taster.



(An 'Unlimited Online Classes' add-on is available for just £19.99)

Silver Membership: 1 Class every week - £39.99 per month (£9.99 per class)

+ Unltd Online (£19.99) 

Gold Membership: 2 Classes every week - £50 per month (£6.25 per class)

+ Unltd Online (£19.99) 

Platinum Membership: 3 Classes every week - £70 per month (£5.83 per class)

+ Unltd Online (£19.99) 

Diamond Membership: Unlimited - £90 per month (Includes Unltd Online)

Online Only: Access to unlimited online classes - £39.99 per month

1-to-1 Personal Yoga Classes are available at £45 per hour. Just get in touch via the contact form below to arrange a free consultation.

CYC is also proud to offer Corporate Yoga across Bristol. We will come to your place of work, or arrange online classes, and deliver yoga classes for your team. Just get in touch via the contact form below for more information.

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